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Price list

Type of order PriceMember´s price
Standard order (10 working days)250 kr150 kr
Express delivery (5 working days)550 kr250 kr
IL-Express (Make an appointment and get the card while you wait or via fast mailing)650 kr300 kr

You save money on becoming an MHF member

MHF works against drunk driving, and the more members we have, the more good we can do.
Therefore, you get a big discount on the driving license if you take the opportunity to become a member. Becoming a member is only SEK 195 for the first year (ordinary fee SEK 285 per year). It makes you part of the movement against drunk driving. Choose whether you want to be a ”traffic sober” or ”total abstaining” member. As seen in the price list, you immediately save money on becoming a member when you get your international driving license. Read more about becoming a member HERE


Additional pricing

Photography and printing of photos

Photo prices (check with your local agent if they offer photo services)
Digital photo printing50 kr
Photograph and printing of photo on site150 kr

Delivery and postage

If you want the driving license sent home (we always send it to be paid upon delivery)Price
Postage to be paid upon delivery within Sweden.Postal fee
Postage to abroad (always payment in advance)Postal fee

General conditions for international driving license (IKK)

  1. You must have a valid Swedish driving license. (It is not enough to have a certificate of completed driving license test).
  2. You must have turned 18 years of age.
  3. Your IKK only applies to the vehicle classes for which your Swedish driving license entitles you. Thus, the same letters, A, B, C and so on.
  4. If you are traveling to a country that accepts both one- and three-year driving licenses, we normally always issue a three-year.
  5. IKK does not apply in Sweden and the Nordic countries.
  6. Normally you do not need IKK within the EU.
  7. IKK normally only applies to temporary visits in other countries. For longer periods you may need a national driving license that applies in the country you are in.

One-year or three-year international driving license?

There are two different versions of the driving licenses, one-year and three-year. Which one you need depends on the country you are driving in. Some countries accept both versions, some only one of them, depending on the rules they have accepted in that country. The price is the same for both versions. MHF does not decide which card you should have.

Photo assistance

Some of our agents can help you take a photo of you and print it out. The central office in Stockholm have that service. You can send the entire application via e-mail to the agents, using digital photo, and we will handle everything including printing on photo paper.
All photos must be on photo paper. We cannot use photos printed on standard printer paper. NOTE: Only certain IKK representatives can handle digital photos so call or email in advance and ask.

Last minute?

Some agents offer extra fast handling. EXPRESS and IL-EXPRESS, at an additional cost.

EXPRESS takes a maximum of five working days.
IL-EXPRESS gives you the IKK while you wait, or we send it directly by mail.
IL-EXPRESS must always be pre-booked. We do not receive spontaneous visits for IL-EXPRESS.
Check which you choose in the form. Then you pay a supplement to the driving license price, according to price list.

NOTE: Not all local agents can offer IL-EXPRESS. Always check with your representative before ordering IL-EXPRESS.

Postage etc

If you are not able to visit an agent to get your IKK, we send it via mail, the postal charges for postage and payment on delivery are always added. Since the driving license is a value document, we always send with payment on delivery. You pay when you pick up the driver’s license with your postal agent, or with your IKK representative if you pick it up in place.
If you are already abroad and need the driving license sent there, you have to pay in advance. Contact us for instructions.

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Magazine article on international driving licenses (Swedish)

Read more about international driving licenses and how MHF works to issue international driving licenses in this article (Swedish). If you want to drive in the USA or in Thailand or Australia, for example, you need an international driving license.