How to order an international driving license from the central office in Stockholm

MHF issues international driving licenses at the office in Stockholm and via local agents throughout the country. The rules on this page apply to the office in Årsta. The local agents may have different routines regarding visits, delivery and payment. Click here for a list of agents.

E-mail address for questions:

For a normal order, your international driving license will be sent within ten working days after we have received your order. If you are in a hurry, you can order Express which takes a maximum of five working days or IL-express which we can do while you wait.

See price list for the different options.

You can order by e-mail or regular mail.


  1. Download and fill in this order form.
  2. Take a good photo, about 4 × 5 cm. Photos from a mobile phone camera works fine.
  3. Make a copy of your driver’s license, both front and back. Two people must witness the copy of your driver’s license.
  4. E-mail completed form + photo in JPG format + witnessed driving license copies in JPG or PDF format to


  • Download and fill in this order form. Print it.
  • Take a photo, about 4 × 5 cm. It works well with passport photo or photo from mobile phone camera.
  • Make a photo copy of your driver’s license, both front and back. Two persons must witness the copy of your driver’s license.
  • Mail form, photo and witnessed driving license copy to:
    MHF, Internationellt körkort
    Nygårdsgatan 3
    543 51  Tibro



Sometimes you are in a hurry.
For an extra fee, we will issue your international driving license while you wait. We can also help you take a good photo for the driver’s license.

  1. Call 08-555 765 55  our office

One year or three year?

There are two different international driving licenses issued according to two different conventions: 1949 is one-year and 1968 is three-year. Some countries accept only one type and some accept both. Countries in Europe usually only require a Swedish driving license and nothing international is needed. Here you will find information about which type of driving license you need.


Once you have ordered your driving license, you will soon receive an email with information about the amount and payment method. The price is determined by how urgent you are, and if you are an MHF member..



Typ av beställning Pris Medlemspris
Standardbeställning (tar max 10 arbetsdagar) 410kr 310 kr
Expressleverans (tar max 5 arbetsdagar betalning, postgång tillkommer) 780 kr 510kr
IL-Express (Ej tillgängligt på kansliet i Stockholm, endast hos ombud ) 950 kr 610 kr

Fotografering och utskrift av foton

Fotopriser (kolla med ditt ombud om de kan erbjuda fototjänster)
Fotografering och utskrift på plats 100 kr

Stor rabatt om du är MHF-medlem

MHF arbetar mot rattfylleri, och ju fler medlemmar vi har desto mer kan vi påverka.
Därför får du en stor rabatt på körkortet om du passar på att bli medlem. Att bli medlem kostar bara avgift 285 kr/år. Då är du med i kampen mot rattfylleri.

Som du ser i prislistan sparar du direkt en slant på att bli medlem när du skaffar internationellt körkort.
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